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Add- On Services

Do you have a long chore list?  Let Hall's House Cleaning Services do your detailed cleaning, so you can cross one (or more) task off your worry list! Compare the extra  add-on services and find the best fit for your home

Interior Fridge Cleaning

While not included in routine maintenance cleaning services, it is offered as an add- on service.  Cleaning the interior of the fridge is recommended at least twice per year, depending on your homes use.  All interior shelves, drawers, and racks will be removed, hand washed, and placed back inside the fridge.

Interior Oven Cleaning

Another great add on service that will save you time, and leave your oven looking refreshed!  All interior racks will be removed, cleaned, dried, and placed back inside the oven.  The interior oven will be cleaned to remove any build up.

Interior Dishwasher

When moving out this is a great add on service that is recommended to leave your unit shining for the next person.  Interior ledges with leftover food and rust spots will be wiped down.  One final rinse cycle with an empty dishwasher will have this appliance ready for the next person's use.

Exterior and Interior Cabinetry Cleaning

Over time your cabinetry can be left looking dingy and built up with grease. Give your interior and exterior cabinetry that special shine throughout the kitchen!  Interior cabinetry, exterior cabinetry, and door handles will be wiped down, leaving your kitchen looking clean. Cabinetry knobs or pull handles will be disinfected to help reduce the spread of germs.

Baseboard Detailing

Do your baseboards need a more detailed cleaning?  Are they built up with dirt and grime?  Select to have your baseboards detailed just a few times a year, or on an as needed basis to give your home that added sparkle!

I Do Not Clean

Exterior Property Cleaning

Changing Linens

Vent Cleaning
Laundry Services

Mini Blinds


Floor Restoration Services

Organization Services
Carpet Shampooing
Stripping & Waxing Floors

Grout or Tile Restoration

Restoration Services (Fire, Flood, Mold)
Blood, Vomit, Human Waste, Pet Waste

Service Prices

Prices will vary based on the size of the home and the level of cleaning that is required.  Call (814)-470-5024 for an in home consultation.

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