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Professional Cleaning Services

A Cleaning You Can Count On

The definition of professional and clean  often varies from person to person, and company to company.  Here at Hall's House Cleaning Services, we define professional and clean from the very beginning, to ensure that a high standard of cleaning is delivered to all homes that are serviced.  For everyone's protection, liability insurance and a clean background check is always our guarantee.  When you choose to have your home serviced by Hall's House Cleaning Services, your scheduled cleaning spot will be reserved just for you.  A limited number of cleanings are scheduled each day, to ensure your home is getting the attention that it deserves.  We don't just sweep through homes, we thoroughly clean them, therefor no home will be quickly cleaned in order to move onto the next!  You will receive a service agreement, detailing your homes unique required cleaning services, and that checklist will be strictly followed for each cleaning service that you receive.  

A specific cleaning technique is used when it comes to delivering cleaning services to each home. First, high touch surfaces will be cleaned, then depending on the specific surface it may be dusted, sanitized, or disinfected . A clean home can look appealing to the eye, but there are also germs that are not visible to the naked eye, which is why high touch areas (light switches,doorknobs, pull handles, etc.) will be disinfected so your family can live in a healthier home. 

To ensure your home receives a quality and hygienic cleaning, a strict cleaning standard is followed.  This includes wearing  disposable gloves and using disposable sponges to prevent the spread of germs Color coded microfiber towels are used to prevent cross contamination between areas of your home.  Disposable paper towels will be used in the bathroom areas  and  discarded thereafter.  No microfiber towels or rags will be used on the toilet area.  Toilet bowl brushes for each bathroom will be provided by the client, as a way to protect the cleaner, and prevent cross contamination between homes.  Mops will not be carried from home to home.  Instead, non- scratching washable microfiber pads and mops will be used to mop each floor in your home, depending on the surface.

Our cleaning technique combined with our high standards of cleaning, ensures your home receives the very best in professional house cleaning services. When you receive a professional home cleaning from Hall's House Cleaning Services, your number one asset will be protected, because we know which cleaning products are safe on your homes unique surfaces.  Your privacy is also very important, it will be protected, and a clean home will simply await you on your scheduled cleaning day.

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