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Service Agreement

Cleaning Service Agreement 2023

Hall's House Cleaning Services

1.Payments: All payments are due at the time of service. Cash or a check is accepted. Please make checks payable to Hall’s House Cleaning Services. All forms of payment must be in a sealed and labeled envelope. Any returned checks will result in bank service fees, in addition to the cleaning fee outlined in your service agreement.

2. Price Change: The rate you have been provided is a flat fee rate per cleaning. This rate is set to maintain the cleanliness of your home, which is based on the areas and cleaning tasks requested during the walk through.  The list provided with your quote, is the list that will be strictly followed on your scheduled cleaning day. Move-out cleanings are priced separately, which are based on the square feet of the home, and must be requested prior to your scheduled routine cleaning. Over time you can expect your service fee to increase, and you will be notified in advance of any price change.

3. Cancellations: Your scheduled cleaning spot has been reserved just for you, and as a result I have turned away potential clients in order to service your home. Therefore, all cleaning appointments require a 48- hour notice to cancel. A maximum of one last minute cancellation is allowed. Please note that skipping a weekly cleaning or biweekly cleaning, regardless of notice given, will result in a higher rate charged at your next scheduled cleaning.  This fee is required to make up for the additional work that is required, as a result of skipping a routine cleaning. For example, a cleaning that occurs on a biweekly basis is considered a routine maintenance clean, whereas, a cleaning that is done every 4 weeks, requires a deep level cleaning.  Please see your service agreement detailing this exact dollar amount for skipping a routine cleaning.

4. Cancellations continued: Excessive cancellations will result in refusal of services.

5. Reschedules: Due to holidays, vacation, severe weather, or an illness there will be times I need to cancel or reschedule your cleaning appointment. All attempts to notify you and reschedule in a timely manner will be made. Due to scheduling conflicts, a reschedule may not be possible and the cleaning would occur on your next scheduled cleaning day.  

6. Lockouts: Please make sure on your scheduled cleaning day I am able to gain access to your home. If I am locked out and unable to gain entry once I arrive, I will wait a maximum of 30 minutes for the home to be unlocked. You will be charged your regular cleaning fee and time will be deducted from your cleaning to make up for the lock out time. If you are unable to let me in during the next 30 minutes after I arrive, or turn me away once I arrive to clean your home, 100 percent of the scheduled cleaning fee will be due on or by your next scheduled cleaning.

7. Prior to your scheduled cleaning: Please do have your home picked up to ensure you receive a quality cleaning. This includes clothes, toys, etc. that are left on the floor(s).

• All personal belongings need to be removed from bathroom countertops.

• Please remove any dirty wash clothes from the shower area(s).

• Each bathroom must have its own toilet bowl brush for cleaning

• Kitchen sinks and countertops need to be clear of any dirty dishes. You do not need to clear every item off of the kitchen counter tops, but please do make sure it is not cluttered with dishes, trash, etc.

• Please clear piles of shoes from walkways.

• To ensure nothing gets broke, I will not clean heavily cluttered areas such as a desk that is piled up, a top of a dresser that is cluttered, etc.

• Please have trashcan liners set out to be used

• If you prefer your products be used, please indicate so on the agreement form

8. Special Requests: Please remove any loose hanging items from the walls and inform me in writing on your cleaning service agreement form of any fragile items, heirlooms, or items that you would like me to clean around or skip during your scheduled cleaning. Due to insurance reasons, ladders will not be climbed to clean.

9. Special Requests Continued: If you request that your equipment and/or supplies be used, you are responsible for replacing them once they are empty or if breakage would occur.

10. Additional Services: Additional services are offered as an add on to your routine scheduled cleaning. Please schedule any additional services prior to your scheduled cleaning to ensure time is allotted to complete the extra tasks.

Additional Services:

1. Wet clean baseboards, doors, windowsills, or frames.

2. Wipe down chairs & Stool

3. Interior appliance cleaning

4. Move books on shelves and dust

5. Vacuum & mop underneath beds

6. Vacuum upholstery and remove cushions to vacuum underneath

7. High touch points- disinfect remotes, keyboards, doorknobs, & light switch plates

Please note I do not clean: anything on the exterior property, any item that would require the climbing of a ladder, windows, moving heavy furniture or appliances, blind washing, vent cleaning, laundry, dishes, grout, stripping/ waxing floors, chandeliers, inside curio cabinets, heavily  cluttered areas, or any item that would require dismantling.

11. Stain removal:  Please note that there is no guarantee of any stain removal.

12. Health Matters: Due to health matters, I will not clean human waste, pet waste, blood, vomit, mold, or anything that would be a health safety matter. Fire, flood, or restoration services are not included in my services.

13. Hall’s House Cleaning Services, will not be responsible for any slips, trips, falls, injury, or illness that occurs for any and all individuals/pets that are present on the property at the time of the cleaning.

14. Shoe Policy: I am unable to provide service to households that have implemented a no shoe policy in their homes.

15. Termination of Services: I reserve the right to terminate services for any reason.

16. Discontinuing Services: You may discontinue services by sending an email to A discontinuation of service email must be sent 10 days in advance of your next scheduled cleaning to avoid a discontinuation fee.  Services discontinued without the ten day required notice will be sent an invoice that is due upon receipt.  This discontinuation of service fee is equal to the rate of one scheduled cleaning.

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